How to Pick a Perfect Color Palette

It’s much easier to pick a color for your interior than you might think. 

If you look around your space, you’ll see that you already have the beginnings of one. Look to rugs, furniture, and artwork to see what kinds of colors and patterns you’re drawn to, and use that as inspiration to build out a full color palette. 

For example, let’s say you have a rug that you absolutely love, that’s a white and bright lilac geometric pattern. You can use different hues of purple to guide your accent choices and find colors that are complimentary to add other small pops of brightness. As for the walls, try your best to match the neutrals in your decor to the neutral color you choose for your paint. 

Traditionally, interior designers and color consultants would tell you to use the darkest values in your color scheme for the floor, more medium values for your walls and the lightest ones for your ceiling. Our eyes can easily adjust to this kind of pattern because it mimics what we see in nature. 

According to color expert Amy Wax, “Nature-inspired color palettes are tools for color experts to help create strong healing auras within the interior or around a home’s exterior.” 

Now that we’re done giving you a science lesson, let’s look to something you probably learned in elementary school art class next. 

Colors next to each other on the color wheel (otherwise known as analogous) generally work well together and evoke specific emotional responses. For instance, green and blue. We see these colors together time and time again, and each time they tend to bring us a sense of relaxation and ease – that’s why these colors work so well in a bedroom or living room where rest is the main functional goal of the space. 

The bottom line is, you already know what you like. 

Whether you’re taking inspiration from the pieces of home decor you already have displayed or the clothes hanging in your closet, you know yourself and your tastes better than anyone else. 

If you don’t own a single piece of black clothing, you probably don’t have plans to rely on black in your home’s color scheme. You’re probably someone who loves bright colors, loud patterns, and veers more towards the maximalist side of things. 

All of these lessons can be learned just by taking a look around your space as is and seeing what you’ve naturally put together. If you still feel like you could use some guidance, however, we’re always here to help.

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