Three Holiday Painting Projects For Your Interior

The holidays are probably the most important time of year to go all out on decoration. Not only is it colder and darker this time of year in Colorado, forcing you inside, but you’ll have family in town, maybe people staying at your house, and probably a family meal or two. Getting your interior properly decorated and painted for the holidays is a great way to show off your house and create a welcoming, warm atmosphere for your family and whoever else might show up at your door. 

But with Christmas shopping to do, trees to set up, and lights to hang, where should you begin your interior decoration binge? Naturally, let’s start with what you can do with paint. Here are three ideas to spruce your home up for the holidays using interior paint.

Paint Your Living and Guest Rooms a Warm, Inviting Color

A good way to warm up in the winter is to paint your interior spaces a bright, warm, inviting color. Offset the reduced daylight hours with a bright interior. This will subtly contribute to warm, happy feelings even as the snow piles up outside. 

A few ideas for warm, inviting colors include light shades of beige, yellow, or even green. Some extra lights, especially in guest rooms or living rooms, where people might stay over or gather, can create a bright, warm, and inviting atmosphere for all. 

Remember, you don’t have to paint an entire room a new color to benefit from it. You can start with an accent wall, a single wall in a room painted a different color than the rest of the room. This can be your starting point for painting the rest of the room, or it can add warmth and brightness all by itself. Remember to keep your other holiday decorations, like wreaths and Christmas trees, in mind when choosing colors for your interior paint job.

Paint Your Cabinets

Cabinets often don’t get enough love when homeowners are trying to spruce their interior spaces up for the holidays. Sometimes, a little effort painting the relatively small areas of your cabinet surfaces can add an attractive, warm accent to a kitchen or playroom. Think a little more festive here, with reds or greens. If you already have a warm color on your walls like red, consider a more neutral color like plain white to create a beautiful, festive contrast.

Use Your Furniture as a Guide

You can also play off your furniture in your home to brighten it up. Sometimes a warm beige won’t go with your couch color. You might need to consult an in-home color expert to help come up with complementary colors that highlight both the walls themselves as well as your furniture and holiday decorations. 

Another fun idea is to dress up an old piece of furniture, like a wooden table, with a coat of paint. Simply adding a freshly painted piece of furniture can act as an accent for the room. 

For more holiday in-home painting tips, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters today.

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