Making Your Foyer a Focal Point

Your foyer is your home’s welcome mat. How do you want your guests to be greeted?

Do us a favor for a minute – imagine yourself in the shoes of a dinner guest or a neighbor stopping by during the holiday season. How would the entryway of your home make you feel? Is it welcoming? Does it feel inviting? If the answer to these questions is no, what needs to change?

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that the foyer should be painted in calmer, more low-intensity colors like light grays or dull whites. But if your personal style is bold and bright, why shouldn’t your home be the same way?

Because the concept of a foyer feels more formal than say, a mudroom, first time homeowners tend to stay cautious when it comes to design aesthetics. However, they’re forgetting that decor can be both functional and fun.

Now, we don’t mean that you need to jump from gray to lime green overnight. Even incorporating some neutrals like browns or a darker beige can feel elegant, warm, and just different enough. If you like these tones, we recommend Kingsport Gray HC-86 from Benjamin Moore, a “versatile taupe that delivers understated drama”.

Because it’s fall, we also love deep colors like Hunter Green 2041-10. Somehow both timeless and trendy, it’s earthy and grounding in a way that just feels like home. We also love when a color brings the outdoors in, and that’s exactly what shades like this do. Plus, it’s versatile enough that it can be used as your base or an accent when paired with something lighter for balance.

To give you one more option – maybe the most bold one – let’s talk about Old Navy 2063-10. It’s dark, expressive, and almost stately. In other words, the perfect exception to the rule of light being right when it comes to entryway colors. It looks crisp against traditional white accents, and makes a fantastic backdrop for eclectic decor, an accent wall or statement door color.

We gave you three examples of colors we like, but the options are endless.

We know that like all painting projects, this is a big decision. Ireland’s Finest can help you visualize how the color will look in your home before you commit with the help of our professional color consultant and team of experienced craftsmen.

To talk more about foyer paint colors and choose what’s right for you, your home and your family, reach out today.

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