2023 Paint Color Trends 

This year should have some exciting trends and developments when it comes to home painting – we’ll dive into some of our favorites in this blog post so you can be prepared for the year ahead. 

Clean white spaces are always going to be in style because of their simplicity. But if granite countertops and nice wood accents don’t offer enough personality for you, this might be your year. Whether it’s bold primary colors in neon tints or earthy shades that bring the outside in, stepping outside of the established comfort zone when it comes to interiors is the thing to do this year. 

Off-beat colors aren’t the only way to add character to your home. Patterns and textures are big this year, largely because they can add depth and visual stimulation to any color scheme while being slightly more low-key. 

And if you’re not looking to change an entire room, you can always focus on the details. 

Adding fun colors to your cabinets can give rooms like your kitchen or bathroom that are traditionally so focused on functionality a (likely needed) cosmetic facelift. Whether your personal style pulls you more in the direction of pastels or bolder colors, this year’s painting trend forecast has something to offer your inner creative. 

If you hire Ireland’s Finest Painting Company, you know you’ll get the job done right. We have experience all across the color wheel, and our team of craftsmen bring confidence and expertise to every project they work on. Plus, we’ve even got a Color Consultant on staff. 

What trend will you hop on this year? 


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