How to Manage Your Painting Crew

Ireland’s Finest has excellent painting crews all dedicated to building the IF brand by providing the best painting services around and working closely with customers to create the best home décor look both inside and out. There’s an art to managing painting crews from a management or business owner standpoint, but what about you, the customer? 

You’re not responsible for the quality and speed of the work of the painting crews, but you are responsible for your house, so communicating with painting crews, especially the manager, is important to consistently get the best possible results for your home. 

Miscommunications between painting crews and customers don’t happen often with Ireland’s Finest because of our company policies, but in the event that you’re worried you won’t get exactly what you paid for, it can be helpful to borrow a few ideas from experienced painting crew leaders who know how to help their crews get the job done right the first time. Let’s see what lessons we can take.

Proper Training and Treatment

 A basic rule of life is if you treat others with respect, they’re more likely to treat you the same way. Hiring a painting crew puts you in a vulnerable position no matter what, with strangers coming to your home and needing access to almost all parts of it to get the job done. How you treat and communicate with the painters shouldn’t determine how well they work for you, but, in many cases, it does. 

From the manager or business owner’s perspective, on a basic level, the painters have to possess the basic skills to do the job at the minimum, and add on the many auxiliary skills like communication and knowing how to go above and beyond to be helpful to customers from there. You don’t need to train anyone at your home, but being able to talk about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it doesn’t hurt. A smile and the occasional glass of water on a hot day won’t decrease the quality of their work, either. 

Being Able to Communicate

A rising problem in the professional painter world is the language barrier. As more companies branch out into more urban, suburban, and even rural areas, the need for workers to speak Spanish, for example, is rising. As a customer, you might find yourself with a language barrier in front of you, too, but don’t let that stop you from trying to communicate, even if you have to express your concerns or questions with the foreman, who can pass them on or answer your questions for you.

Schedule in Advance

 One of the most difficult parts of managing a painting crew is scheduling enough jobs for everyone to make money and scheduling them out far enough in advance that all the painters are guaranteed to make it to the job site on time every day until it’s done. As a customer, you can fall into a trap of scheduling, too, trying to book major painting services with little time in advance. The best way to ensure that your paint job is beautifully done to your standards is to schedule major jobs months in advance and be completely clear about what you want done and when.

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