Best Fall Paint Colors for 2019

Fall is here and if you’re looking for ways to update your indoor or outdoor décor with new paint colors, you might struggle with all the options out there. There are many ways to choose your perfect paint color, and you won’t know for sure that you have a winner until you test it in your home, but every season, there are many colors that seem to fly off the shelves at paint stores as the trends change, usually for good reason. 

Let’s examine the most popular paint colors for both indoors and outdoors as we enter fall 2019.

Olive Green

 There are many varieties of olive greens, of course, but 2019 has been a coming-out year for its use on interior spaces. This versatile color creates a rich and serene, yet bold look. The reason why interior decorators and homeowners love this color is that it fits in many design styles. It can go with neutral colors or bright saturated colors just as easily to create an energetic space or a statelier atmosphere. 


Believe it or not, there are several shades of hazelnut out there. This calm, cream-like color is perfect for many outdoor and indoor projects. It won’t go with everything, but hazelnut tones are great for cozy fall evenings, carrying warm, inviting feelings into winter. Hazelnut is a popular color this time of year because it catches natural light and brightens up interior spaces. For outdoor areas, hazelnut is a versatile, low-key color option that goes great with many types of trim. 

Lilac Grey

Dove grey is still a wildly popular color and will likely continue to be for years to come. But lilac grey is coming into its own in the fall of 2019. This creative mix is a good alternative to stark neutral colors and the typical shades-of-grey interior hues many homes have. Lilac grey gives your interior spaces a subtle hint of a little something different, while still offering you versatility, with the ability to match several other color schemes. 

Muted Pastels 

For a truly artsy feel, consider muted pastels. They have a chalky, muted texture like none other, adding an understated hue to any room. Muted pastels won’t work well outside, but indoors, they add versatile color and texture. In the bathroom and kitchen, they can conceal scuff marks and small nicks in the wall, as well. They’re perfect for minimalist décor schemes and offer a great alternative to dark, bold colors and color trends. 

Woody Shades

Textured brown colors can work well indoors and outdoors. The key to woodland textures and shades is that they don’t try to be natural wood, they’re a unique color to add to any room in which you need a more rustic, natural feel. These shades, providing a versatile décor base, can be the canvas on which you plan your entire decoration plan. 

For more information on the always-changing trends of interior and exterior colors, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters today.

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