Three End-of-Summer Painting Projects

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet, either, but with autumn approaching in the Denver area, it’s time to shift your focus to painting projects that can help bring your indoor and outdoor look to another level this fall.

The reason why the change of season is a good time to shift your décor both indoors and out is that, as the light and weather changes, you’ll start to use both your indoor and outdoor areas differently. You won’t be going out to the porch as much in winter in the Denver metro area, for example. You might use your rec room a little more. The sun will hit your indoor walls differently, shifting the overall mood of a room from what it used to be in the summer.

So, with summer on its way out, let’s examine some common projects that your neighbors will be attempting this fall to prepare for cooler temperatures, leaves changing color, and shorter days.

The Accent Wall

Accent walls are discussed often in this blog section for good reason. They’re an excellent way to add a splash of color to any interior room without the effort of painting the entire room from ceiling to floor. Accent walls are also great options when you want to ‘test’ a color in a specific space. 

To create an accent wall, choose a color you want to try in an area. It’s best to have a few different colors or a general hue you want to try and narrow it down from there. Paint one wall of a room or even one section of a wall. If you can, choose a wall that is exposed to sunlight either directly or indirectly to emphasize the wall and color. You’d be surprised how much of an effect painting one wall can have on an indoor space. Oranges, reds, and yellows are generally best for fall, but earthy and blue tones can have a great effect, too.

Re-Touching Your Trim

I’ve seen it many times, someone’s house paint ages at different times. Their main color, perhaps because it’s a different hue or slightly different composition, doesn’t fade for a decade of summers, while their trim has to be re-touched almost every fall. I won’t get into why this could happen, just know that it’s not uncommon. 

The best time to paint outdoors in Colorado is generally summer, but we’re fortunate to have plenty of sunshine all year long. As the days start to shorten, use this time to re-touch your trim, a much smaller job than trying to fix up your entire exterior, yet with similarly impressive results. It’s a way to spruce up your paint without completely re-doing everything.

Consider a New Door

 For those a bit more adventurous, the end of summer is a great time to make sure that your entryways are as airtight as possible. While you’re at it, consider a new door for your main entrance. Obviously, this is a major purchase, but updating your look with a stained, natural wood door or even a new paint job for your existing door can have a huge impact on your overall exterior décor, and it will make you ensure that you’re not losing heat through your entryway this winter. 

For more end-of-summer projects, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters.

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