Get your paint on before the holidays!

This month’s painting tips cover a wide variety of topics. During our 17 years of being a painting contractor in Denver, we have found some great painting techniques that make the chore of interior and exterior painting easier. We are happy to share a few of our secrets with you to make your painting project easier!

  1. A good brush technique is the start of sound habits. When putting paint on your brush, dip your brush about a half of an inch into the paint, wiping off one side on the lip of the paint can. This keeps you brush in great condition and helps prevent you paint from running on the interior or exterior walls.
  1. You always want to minimize brush strokes and roller marks, of course. The secret to doing this is keeping a wet edge. Then you need to paint from the dry portion of the wall to the wet portion of the wall. This is a little known technique that avoids having to fix roller marks.
  1. Put on just the right amount of paint. This may take a little trial and error, but find the happy medium where you aren’t lumping a large amount of paint on the interior walls nor stretching your paint. Finding just the right amount will ensure a beautiful, even coat.
  1. Paint like the Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi had some great painting techniques to teach Daniel-san. The best technique is to paint in long continuous strokes. Not doing this is a very common mistake and can result in a splotchy coat.
  1. Painting in sections is the most efficient way to paint while getting an even coat of paint. This technique is really helpful when painting with a roller. A three-foot section is best by going from ceiling to the middle of the wall, filling up with paint and finishing the section. Remember to still go from dry to wet!

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