Interior Decorating Ideas for Fall and Winter

 The hot weather and long days haven’t left us yet in Colorado, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you want to match your interior spaces with the changing seasons outside. Brainstorming is a good first step in deciding on interior décor changes because it can lead to true inspiration and a decision on which direction you want your interior decoration to go. 

As the weather starts to turn and you begin to spend more time indoors around your home, you’ll be ready if you start looking for inspiration now. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Orange and Yellow

The thought of burnt orange and mustard yellow interiors might not seem appealing with so much sunlight pouring through your windows now, but warm color schemes are perfect for fall and winter in Colorado, especially because fall seems to evaporate quickly for winter here. A burnt orange theme will match the leaves changing soon and help add some color to the dead winter months inside.

Rearrange Common Areas

Since you’ll be spending more time inside in the fall and winter, late summer is a good time to start thinking about rearranging your furniture in your living room. It may only be a psychological trick, but a new arrangement can help encourage you to utilize your indoor space more readily when it becomes impossible to hang out on the porch so much anymore. If you really want to be prepared, use graph paper to map out the seating arrangements for your living space, with a focus on how you can create better space for visitors and conversation, or simply to highlight your fireplace again.

Natural Colors

Remind yourself of natural spaces in your indoor space by using more natural colors. Browns, beiges, whites, off-whites, and others are perfect ways to enhance the natural splendor of your hardwood floors, for example. These colors tend to project a sense of warmth in the dead of winter, too.

Soothing Blue Hues

Remind yourself of that brilliant, clear blue sky in fall and winter. While too much blue can be a downer on darker days, accent walls and decorations can bring some excitement by disrupting the established color flow of the room. If done with some tact and restraint, you’ll find the hint of blue more relaxing than tedious.

Playing with Natural Light

This isn’t Alaska, so there will be some natural light to help illuminate certain spaces in the fall and winter. Use the oftentimes sunny fall and winter days in Colorado to brighten some of your darker rooms. Keep the windows clear and pay attention to what the sunlight will be hitting in the room during the fall. Play this experience up by adding an accent wall or a new piece of furniture.

Don’t be afraid at this stage to experiment in your planning a bit. You still have several weeks before the weather truly starts changing and your home will need an update. Keep these ideas in mind and plan your next décor update fearlessly. For more help, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters today.

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