Three Hot Exterior House Paint Color Schemes

Generally, you get your house painted in the summer, when the sun can be counted on to dry the paint, when workers can easily get up and down ladders on the outside of your house, when it’s relatively safe to work on the house, and, arguably, when the finished work looks the best in the long days of sunshine here in Colorado. Of course, in Colorado, summer also means thunderstorms and rainy afternoons at times, but it beats the snow, as far as housepainters are concerned.
When you get your house painted in the summertime, it’s gleaming and new and looks good in the sunshine. You have to think also about what it’s going to look when it starts snowing again. When the light’s different, when the days get shorter, how will your house look? If you’re getting it professionally painted, you know it’s going to look at least reasonably good all year round, but to get that perfect look, you have to think about overall house color scheme, which includes the trim, the door, and the accent colors.
Here are three examples of exterior house color schemes to give you ideas:
Neutral Base, Soft Trim Colors: Greyish Beige, White, Blue
For an easy, natural, neutral look, try a neutral base color such as beige or grey. When accented with a white trim color or another lighter, neutral hue, your house will look stately without dominating the block. If you want an unassuming, un-flashy but handsome look, don’t get too wild with it. Stick with neutral, soft, light colors. You can also add a bit of spice by painting the door a bright hue—a rust or reddish color will go nicely with white and grey. The beauty of this color scheme strategy is that you can add splashes of color any way you want.
White Base, Light Trim
This is another simple color scheme that will make your house beautiful without being gaudy and annoying. Use a simple white base, which looks bright in the summer and brings a little light to the dark days of winter, and paint the trim with a light blue, preferably sky-blue color. This will hint at the blue sky summer days and puffy white clouds all year long.
The Blue Base
Another popular color scheme involves a blue base color, usually a lighter blue to accommodate a wider range of trim options, and light trim. It can be the inverse of the white base and light trim scheme above, or it can be completely different. A blue base can make your home appear to rise into the sky in summer and, if you find the right hue, it’s versatile enough to match many colors for your trim. I suggest a lighter tone with a lighter blue, but you can accentuate different attractive aspects of your home with a bolder, darker choice—maybe a purple or a darker blue around your large living room windows.
These schemes are general suggestions to get you going. As always, consult with a professional before you make any decisions, and don’t be afraid to go bold, especially in the planning and scheming stages.

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