How to Make Your Home Stand Out in Fall

Making your home stand out this fall for any reason, for entertaining guests or trying to
sell your home, is easy with a little patience and a willingness to tackle smaller, more tedious
chores. Because the weather is changing and leaves are falling, yard cleanup becomes more
important. Cleaning up after a long, hot, dusty summer in Colorado can also make your home
stand out from the rest on the block this fall. A few subtle touches to your exterior and interior
will also make an impression on your neighbors, friends, or even potential home buyers.

As we move from summer to fall, consider these easy tips to keep your house looking like a real home:

Create a Yard Care System

Whatever your summer yard maintenance routine was, throw it out the window. Fall is a different animal in Colorado, with the many deciduous trees shedding their leaves all over your grass and the days getting shorter. The shorter days means gradually fewer daylight hours to get your regular cleaning and maintenance tasks done in your outdoor areas. The weather might be agreeable for much of the fall, but temperatures will start to cool off as we approach winter.

What this means is that to keep your yard looking attractive, you have to stay on top of your lawn cleaning schedule. Remove those pesky fallen leaves as quickly as you see them accumulate on your lawn. The faster you get rid of them, the less likely your grass will die. That said, it’s nearly impossible to keep your yard clear of falling leaves in the fall. The best you can do is create a cleaning schedule that works for you now before the leaves start to form piles.

Clean the Windows

It’s always a good idea to clean your windows from the inside to rid your portals to the outside world of hand marks and dust buildup. But more importantly as fall approaches is the outside. Summer in Colorado means dust blowing, and this summer especially, there was ash and smoke in the air, clogging up the exterior surface of your windows at home. Summer thunderstorms might help you out some, but washing the outside of your windows in the fall will keep them clear all winter and into next spring.

Add Seasonal Accents

Now that the maintenance and hard work is over, it’s time to have some fun with decorative accents that go with the season. Gourds, pumpkins, and squash are great options because they typically last a while, and in a pinch, you can eat them. Fall produce is ripe with fall colors like red-orange and yellow, which can add to your decoration and color scheme this fall no matter how your exterior or interior is set up.

Keeping things organized and tidy in the fall is tricky for exterior areas, and as you spend more time inside, you’ll need more interior decoration to stay warm all fall and winter.

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