How to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

Summer in Colorado means hot, dry weather and afternoon thunderstorms. With surprising regularity, thunderstorms can roll through the Denver metro area and beyond several times a week in the summer. Colorado weather is always unpredictable, and homeowners here have to be prepared for almost any type of weather in almost every season. Here’s how you can protect your house and property from storm damage this summer.

Clean Your Gutters

No one likes cleaning gutters. They’re hard to reach and they’re often full of decaying leaves and dirt. But the muck and debris that clogs your gutters could force rainwater onto your roof, where, if it sits there, will cause roof damage and leaks. Gutters are made to channel water away from your walls and foundation, too. If they’re blocked and the water from frequent storms settles where it shouldn’t, you could be faced with more serious structural problems in the future.

Inspect and Seal Your Foundation, Windows, and Doors

I don’t mean seal your doors and windows so they can’t open. Check the caulking around the edges of your door frame and your windows to ensure there are no cracks or openings of any kind. You won’t necessarily see water coming through these fissures during the next storm, but over time, these cracks can widen when water finds them, leading to more serious problems. 

Your foundation is especially important. Repair any cracks you find and call a professional if you need to. Any major rainstorm will send water into these tiny crevices and cause havoc.

Remove or Trim Diseased or Dead Trees

 If a large tree on your property is dead, it’s best to simply remove it. Storms can, of course, knock dead trees or those weakened by disease down, but they can also cause large boughs and limbs to break off and fall into your living room. Trim your healthy trees, too to ensure that the next strong storm doesn’t rip a branch off. 

Secure Large, Heavy Furniture

Heavy, tall furniture can cause serious damage if rocked and rattled enough. Bookshelves, cabinets, armoires, and others can be secured to the wall without damaging the furniture. Many people are injured by falling furniture during storms that shake the house. 

Inspect Your Roof

Hire a professional if you don’t want to walk around your roof yourself. What you’re looking for is damage to the surfacing, dips in the roof or divots, and any exposed wood coming through the protective roof surface. Damage to your roof can cause more than leaks after a few storms.

Re-Think Your Landscaping

You should try to divert water away from your home’s foundation. Gravity is the best way to do this. By adding a little dirt to create a slope away from your home, you’re using nature to battle nature while preventing any undue stress on your foundation.

Start with these measures to protect your home from storms this summer. For more questions on this topic, as well as any house painting inquiries, contact Ireland’s Finest.

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