Denver Homes on the Forefront of 2020 Interior Design Trends

Interior design experts are already hailing their favorite trends and paint colors for 2020. In Denver’s hot real estate market, sellers are listening to these changing trends and fads so they can offer attractive properties to their buyers. Real estate prices are still sky-high, but this year could see a stabilization of property prices as lovely Denver homes are scooped off the market.

Let’s examine which interior design and decorating trends are lighting up 2020 already and look at a few specific homes in Denver that exemplify them. 

Hot Interior Colors for 2020

Pantone has already announced “Classic Blue” as its 2020 Color of the Year. This rich, almost cobalt hue is already being incorporated into interior designs around the country, and Denver is no different. If you’re in the market for a new house, or you just want to see the Color of the Year in action, 950 S. Steele Street in Denver is a great example. The property is being listed by LIV Sotheby’s for just short of $5 million. 

For hot new kitchen decoration ideas, visit 102 Gilpin St. The house is a great example of the rising kitchen cabinet painting trend. For years, most people painted their cabinets white, if they painted them at all. Last year, interior decorators saw more homeowners experimenting with painting their cabinets deep, dark, rich colors. 102 Gilpin showcases how this trend can transform a kitchen space with its deep sage green cabinets. 

Let Nature In

Another trend in interior design is allowing for more natural spaces in the home. The desire for more natural light in the home started this trend, but the house at 1936 Market St. #U-11 in Denver takes the popular design aspect to a new level. The property has a garden atrium area letting in natural light allowing the homeowner to create a garden of potted plants.

This trend represents a desire by many homeowners and decorators to incorporate health and wellness into their interior design. Indoor plants add more oxygen to the air and help filter out contaminants. Letting the sun stream in through your windows and creating a design scheme around that natural light is a great way to create healthy interior spaces and take advantage of those 300 days of sun we enjoy here.

If you’re trying to think of which plants you want to add to your indoor space, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree has become very popular thanks to HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gains. Decorators are also seeing many homeowners creating “garden rooms” they can fill with their favorite plants, building a jungle feel right in their own homes.

Interior Experimentation

These trends are the result of homeowners trying new looks and aesthetics in their homes. You don’t have to commit to a full-blown jungle in your rec room but adding a few plants to a space is one way to try the trend before you buy in completely. 

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