Home Improvements: Where to Save & Where to Spend

If you’re not careful, home renovations can quickly start adding up. Before investing significantly in any project, you should have an idea of what your budget is, what you’re looking to accomplish, and whether or not you can tackle it on your own or if hiring a painting contractor might be your best bet. 


To make things a little bit easier, we’ve drafted this list of projects that can be managed on a tighter budget as well as projects that we think are worth investing a few extra bucks. 


Where to Save



Trust us, you do not need to be spending $10,000 on a refrigerator or an oven. You can get by with a no-frills version that’s just as reliable for about half the price. 



For such a small element of design, this one is especially susceptible to trends. A refurbished weaved basket hanging from your ceiling or a sculptural floor lamp might not look as good ten years down the line as it does now. Stick to the basics here.



Tile (especially if used in a bathroom) really just needs to be slip-resistant, it doesn’t need to be particularly stylish. Besides, wouldn’t you rather use the money you save here for something better? Say, heated floors? 


Where to Spend



Countertops have their work cut out for them. They’re essentially the work surface of the kitchen, yet they’re always on display. It’s hard to go wrong with something like granite, but quartz and matte have also become more popular in recent years. 



Kitchen cabinets deserve a splurge. Similar to your countertops, your cabinets experience a significant of wear and tear from daily use.



It is always best to go with a higher-quality paint than the bargain option. Why? More expensive paints have higher amounts of resin, which means the final product has a much more less diluted gloss. The process itself can be a cost in another sense. While DIY-ing might seem tempting, a painting contractor can cut the time you’ll be stuck staring at half-finished walls in half. 


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