The Four Hottest Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors in 2018

Painting season is here, and there are already a number of paint colors that have sold like hotcakes at paint and home improvement supply stores throughout the United States, all bringing their own style and grace to homes all over the country.

You don’t have to follow every trend out there, but if you need a place to start when deciding interior colors for your rooms, knowing what’s popular can give you a baseline reading of what other home owners are doing with their interior spaces and help you build your own space from there.

Let’s run down a few of the top paints and colors by Benjamin Moore of 2018 so far and try to find out why they’re so popular:

Caliente AF-290

Ben Moore’s Color of the Year, Caliente is a strong, radiant, energetic color that echoes red carpet entrances and the assured, smooth background for a book-filled library. Use the vitality of this color in any room of the house, especially rooms that you’re welcoming guests into. This hue goes well with Ben Moore’s Millington Gold HC-13 or Jonesboro Cream 241.

Pleasant Pink 2094-60

A bold, yet subtle hue for any room, pleasant pink is just that—pleasant without being boring. It’s a saturated color that goes well with many other Ben Moore paints, including Eclipse 2132-40 and Ice Cap 1576. It’s perfect for a bright sunroom, a welcoming hallway, or a comforting living room.

Golden Retriever 2165-30

Add an earnest, understated confidence to your indoor space with this reliable deep gold shade. With earthy undertones reining in its boastfulness, you’ll get the same comforting feeling as petting a loyal Golden Retriever. Put it on a bedroom wall for a relaxing color to help you sleep, or add it to your office to help you get work done. This color goes well with Bear Creek 1470 and Honeymoon AF-345.

Cranberry Cocktail 2083-20

Just in time for summer, this color emulates a refreshing, ice-cold vodka (or gin) cranberry drink. The richness of this berry shade is achieved by mixing in an earthy black undertone that brings balance and friendliness for any room of the house. This color can go well with earthy colors, such as wrought iron for a dark hue and white rock for a light hue.

Get your color-matching process started with these popular colors. With sunnier and warmer weather on the horizon, these colors soak in the sunlight without turning up the temperature indoors. They’re welcoming colors for all rooms, especially those made for guests. Trust the painters who use these quality paints.

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