Cabinet Refinishing Trends

Know your cabinets need an update, but aren’t sure where to start? There are so many styles, colors, and aesthetics to choose from, and it can be understandably overwhelming. 

Let’s start with one of the most easily narrowed-down categories… 


The trend in cabinet colors right now seems to be the bolder the better. While we agree that cabinets are often the perfect way to add a splash of color to a room, we don’t think you need to get too crazy here to get the same effect. Some of our favorite options for cabinet colors are: 

Earthy Greens 

Earth tones are naturally calming, and green still brings a fun, whimsical sense without feeling too garish. Think of it as a slightly more sophisticated way to stand out. 

Cozy Neutrals 

Neutrals like warm whites, soothing gray or taupe are classics for a reason. They work exceptionally well with wood tones and accents of any shade, as well as marble countertops and updated, sleek appliances – in other words, they’re always a safe bet for a kitchen or bathroom.


If you want to situate your design aesthetic somewhere in the middle of bold and basic, consider a two-tone approach to cabinet painting. You can use a statement color like sage on the bottom, and a more traditional mix of white or “greige” on top to add visual interest and tie everything together. 

Can’t decide what will look best? Our professional color consultant, Jennifer Comfort, is here to help!


Now that you’ve decided on your color palette, let’s talk style. There are too many different aesthetics for us to dive into any of them too thoroughly, but a few that have been particularly popular in recent years are: 

Modern Scandinavian 

Functional, simple, and clean. Think whitewashed finishes, and light, neutral colors. If you love walking through IKEA and imagining you live in the model rooms, this is the aesthetic for you. 

Midcentury Modern 

If you watched Mad Men and envied Don’s office setup, midcentury modern is right up your alley. Sleek countertops and cabinetry, accented with chrome or steel if you want a particularly authentic look.

Regardless of the style you think best suits your home, remember to have fun with it and personalize your space. Just like accessories can completely change an outfit, decorative knobs, open shelving concepts, or other minor modifications can make your kitchen or bathroom even more “you”. 

Call us today to get started! 

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