How Durable Can I Expect My Professional Paint Job to Be?

Let’s take a look at a few factors that can impact the lasting power of your finish, and how to get the look you want and keep it.

1. Cleaning

Think about the regular wear and a tear the average home sees on a day to day basis. Sauces splattered throughout the kitchen, steam and high humidity in the bathroom, would be artists scrawling on the walls of your living room – some of these things are unavoidable, and simply come with territory of home ownership. But, if these things aren’t cleaned properly before professional painters come in, the grime can be ground into the surface during the sanding portion of the prepping process. This makes it harder for coating to adhere, and can throw a wrench into the whole operation.

2. Quality Product

Obviously, the highest-grade, most widely-recommended paints and finishes would always be the preference. But more often than not, things like cost and availability come into play. The best option for a lasting paint job is a catalyzed finish (in other words, a finish that is supplemented with a hardener) that can stand up to any daily use room.

3. Regular Maintenance

As always, it’s best to attend to things when they start to become a problem, not after they grow into a bigger one. For instance, if you had a persistent runny nose and headache during flu season, you would probably go ahead and schedule a doctor’s visit. House maintenance follows the same rules – the “healthier” you can keep your space, and the quicker you can schedule a check-up if something starts to feel off, the better.

At Ireland’s Finest Painting, we specialize in ultra long-lasting, quality paint jobs and cabinet finishes. Over the last 25 years, we’ve refined our process, worked to deliver consistent results and build solid relationships with each of our clients.

If you think it’s time to schedule a touch up contact the team of painting pros at Ireland’s Finest Painting to get a free estimate or learn about the variety of painting services we offer.

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