How to Use Paint in an Open Concept Floor Plan

Living in a city like Denver with a vast array of neighborhoods full of character and interesting apartments and condos for rent provides a lot of opportunity for designing and furnishing unique interiors that ooze personality. 

A super common feature of a lot of these available units in the Denver metro area is an open concept floor plan. 

Open concept floor plans actually have an interesting history, beginning in the days after World War II. This time frame is also when a vast majority of neighborhoods in Denver started to be seriously developed. These floor plans offered flexibility and room to grow for the rapidly increasing number of families with small children looking to set down roots. The open concept became popular for those who wanted to encourage a slightly less formal, less traditional environment for their families. Sometimes, these floor plans could even be seen as therapeutic. 

So, what exactly are open concept floor plans? 

Open concept floor plans minimize separation between living spaces, which can do wonders for feelings of cohesion and adds a more playful, deconstructed feel to a unit. However, deciding where and how to incorporate color, can sometimes pose a design challenge. 

To give you some help, we’ve had our experts compile a list of their tips for how to make the most of an open concept floor plan. 

  • Keep Your Canvas Neutral 

One of our first tips is to avoid using colors that could clash with other elements of your interior, and instead opt for a soft, neutral backdrop that can highlight the more visually loud interior design features. While bringing more dramatic hues into the mix is definitely an option, it just has a tendency to make things slightly less seamless. 

  • Consider Color Blocking 

If the idea of a space completely drenched in light greige isn’t your cup of tea, a way to add some visual interest without getting too far outside the box is color blocking. While we still might recommend keeping your palette relatively neutral, it can be a fun way to highlight your favorite furniture or pieces of wall decor. 

  1.   Take Things Offline 

While it’s great to read reviews online and check out color swatches before making a trip to the hardware store, we can’t stress this enough – don’t make a choice based on something you saw on social media. Especially in an open concept space where your design choices are more inescapable than other traditional, divided living spaces, it’s important that you’re happy with the decision you make. And don’t forget that light will hit paint differently in the afternoon than it will in the morning. It’s best to paint a swatch on your wall, live with it for a few days, and make a final decision from there. 

  1. Your Style is Your Strategy 

If your interior design style lives more on the light, minimalist end of the spectrum, sticking with neutrals that make your space feel muted and clean makes a ton of sense. On the other hand, if you like things to feel cozier, moodier, or more energetic, you might end up with a more bold choice of wall color than what we’d recommend. At the end of the day, you should be excited about whatever you decide, and nobody can tell you what your own taste is – no, not even experts like us. 

We have a proven, trusted way of doing business with our clients, and we have a ton of experience working in spaces of this kind. We can guarantee a smooth, painless process and a team of trusted craftsmen that will treat your home with the respect it deserves. You can be sure you and your spare are in good hands with us. 

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