Best Paint Colors to Sell a Home

Best Paint Colors to Sell a Home

The Denver housing market has been crazy for a while now. With transplants continuing to filter into the city from all over the country, people are always window-shopping in different neighborhoods and scrambling to snag their dream homes before they’re out-bid. 

Now, how can you make your house into someone’s potential dream home? Are there visual ways to effectively stand out? 

It turns out, paint color can greatly impact curb appeal, buyer attraction rates and even how much money you’ll end up with after the sale. 

As the article from House Beautiful states, it’s time to break with the traditional view that white walls and beige exteriors are the smart move when it comes to prepping your house for sale. Tastes have changed, and buyers want something different than they used to. To quote the article, “According to Zillow’s 2023 paint color analysis, buyers pay, on average, $2,512 more for a house that sports charcoal gray paint in the kitchen while a dark gray living room can net sellers $1,755 more.”

Most people want to cultivate a moodier, cozier atmosphere that has more character than the family of whites, beiges and other neutral choices that have dominated American suburbs for years. 

Another trend that won’t seem to die is the statement front door. Check out “Sundried Tomato” by Benjamin Moore, an extremely popular choice for front doors and other accent areas like exterior trim. We’ll also recommend another Benjamin Moore shade we like for these accent areas – “Palladin Blue” is a favorite blue-gray-green mashup that is light, calm and airy. 

While we can give our recommendations and advise you on colors in a general sense, it’s also important to remember that the little details of your home’s style need to be considered when looking to improve curb appeal. There are no blanket rules, and no “one size fits all” solutions here. A mid-century modern home will look better in certain shades than a Colonial-style home will. 

And even though painting does a ton for buyers from a psychological perspective, it’s not the only thing that can drive decision making. Landscaping is an often overlooked, but incredibly important step in attracting potential buyers to your home when it’s on the market. In fact, 74% of real estate agents say the landscaping and general outdoor look of a home is one of the most important aspects when it comes to home value and curb appeal. 

If you feel like your home needs some finishing touches before it hits the market, Ireland’s Finest is here to help. 

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