Bathroom Painting Trends We’re Loving

Bathroom Painting Trends We’re Loving 

Whether your bathroom needs to be completely redone, or you just want to brighten things up with some fresh paint, a team of painting professionals could be just what you need to bring your design dreams to life. If you need a little bit of design inspiration, here are our thoughts on some of the bathroom trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately: 

Timeless Neutrals 

Soft grays and muted whites will never be out of style when it comes to bathroom color schemes. There’s something about the subtlety of neutrals that is undeniably stylish, and the “black canvas” nature of these shades means you can get more creative with your decorative details. We recommend wood accents and other natural materials if you want to invite more serenity into the space. 

Get the Blues 

Blue is both an unassuming and incredibly complex color. Blue tones naturally make us want to decompress and unwind, as well as reminding us of water and its rejuvenating properties. This has traditionally been a less common color choice, but now that it’s on the rise we don’t know why it hasn’t been before. One of our favorites is Blue Arrow by Valspar, which falls perfectly in between classic neutral and new blue.

Matte Finishes 

A matte finish is much further on the modern end of the spectrum. They’re also generally much easier to take care of than their glossier counterparts, meaning less upkeep for you. Plus, matte finishes can go beyond just the paint on the walls. Think bathroom faucets, hardware and accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders. The sleek black of the finish can give you a major style boost from floor to ceiling. 

Ireland’s Finest Painting Company brings expertise and a professional eye for detail to your home painting project – whether it’s your bathroom, your living room, or your entire house. When you think it’s time for that next renovation, be sure to get in touch with Ireland’s Finest! 

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