Paint Colors for a Nursery

Paint Colors for a Nursery

Just one of the many important decisions that you’ll have to make as an expecting parent is how to decorate your baby’s nursery. A good place to start is with color. 

Not to worry, you don’t need to study stacks of sample cards before you make a decision. We’ve listed some of the most popular paint colors for nurseries below to help give you some ideas! 

Whether you want to commit to these colors as the wall color or use them on cabinetry or as an accent, they all have long-term, gender-neutral appeal. 


Lavender is inviting, relaxing, and light. If you go too dark or bright with the shade though, purple can start to have the opposite effect. Lavender hues bring the natural beauty of the plan indoors – it’s fresh, soothing, and does a fantastic job of keeping things cheerful. 

Baby Blue 

Blue is scientifically proven to have actual physical effects on the body. It can reduce heart rate, decrease your body temperature, and lull you into a restful state. We’ll give you the same warning as we did with lavender though – be wary of how much variation you go for in terms of shade if you want to maintain a relaxing environment. 

This soft blue is a classic when it comes to nurseries, maybe because it’s so forgiving. Because it provides a relatively basic backdrop, it allows your child’s room to grow with them and their developing tastes and interests. 

Rosy Blush 

Sweet slightly feminine without being overly traditional or “girly”, a rosy blush hue is classic and muted, meaning it will probably see your child through their childhood and teenage years as well. Plus, it’s warm, comforting, and can make a cozy space out of any nursery – regardless of the size. 

Think you read about a color you like the idea of but don’t know which company to buy from or how much to purchase? We can answer these questions, and assist you throughout your painting project. 

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