Color Combinations That Always Work

Color Combinations That Always Work

The color scheme that you choose for your home should reflect your personality and what makes you or your family unique. What most people seem to forget though, is that there’s a way to do that without going totally off the beaten path.

To help you out, we’ve identified some simple, neutral combinations that anyone can find something to appreciate in.

#1 – Red, White & Blue 

Sure, it’s a little early to start celebrating the 4th of July. But there’s something about these colors (or even just two of them) that really works. Plus, it’s simple science – pair two complimentary colors with a basic neutral and you have yourself a color scheme. Most people use brighter colors like red as an accent on a door or a singular wall. This techniques marries all of the colors in your color scheme while still keeping things relatively calm and cohesive. 

#2 – Red, Grey & Cream 

If you go on a walk in most neighborhoods in Denver and the surrounding areas, you’ll see that red door we already talked about. Let’s use it as a point of exploration and see what other colors might look great with that accent piece… with a pop of color like this, we recommend keeping trim simple as a way to balance things out. When people hear that, a lot of them think that can only mean a traditional white. Not the case, though. Cream, grey and off-white can all work great as alternatives to the classic eggshell shade. 

#3 – Grey, White & Black 

The term “color scheme” doesn’t have to mean bright. In fact, this is a classic combination that works regardless of architecture style or neighborhood trends, it’s that timeless. The cool tones and crisp edges that these colors create when used together make your house simultaneously stand out and fit in all at once. If you’re having trouble deciding what’s right for you, we really can’t recommend this color scheme enough. 

Sure, none of these are going to get the attention of your HOA… but isn’t that for the best? Simple, versatile and great for the market if you ever decide to sell, these color combinations will stand the test of time. We guarantee it. 

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