Four Fast Painting Projects That Will Upgrade Your Home

Painting can be a drag. Sure, it updates your home décor and look, making your interior and exterior look brand new again. But it always takes longer than you think, and you usually spend an inordinate amount of time just trying to protect your furniture or outdoor areas.

What if there were short, easy painting jobs that also upgrade your interior and exterior space without so much of the mess and the time commitment? There’s no paint job that won’t require preparation and clean-up, but here are four paint projects that will liven up your home without spending an entire day or week doing it.

Seat Makeover

Upgrade your seat game by painting your indoor or outdoor chairs bright colors. The beauty of this project is that you can take your chair to your garage or another area away from your other furniture, flooring, or other valuables. Depending on what material your chairs are made of and the finish used on them, you may have to sand their surfaces before you paint. Make sure you fill any holes in the surface and repair cracks and other damage before you slather on paint. Once you’re painting, though, you’ll find the work goes fast.

New Doors

Don’t actually buy a new door, update the one you have. Professional painters take door work very seriously because it’s often the first thing their customers look at when a job is finished. Think about how many times you use your front door in a day. You’re always looking at it, and if it looks shabby, it might darken your mood when you come home from work. 

I’ll obviously need more scientific research to back up my declarations on the psychology of doors, but, despite the extra care many painters take with their customers’ front doors, you can paint your door yourself relatively easily. The key to making your ‘new’ door look good is to try to paint each section moving in one direction. If your door has panels, try to paint those sections going left to right, with long, even strokes, then paint the sides up and down. 

Brighten Your Frames

Painting your picture frames can add a surprising amount of pop to any room. Mirrors can also benefit from a new frame color from time to time as well. I’d recommend taking the picture off the wall and out of the frame before you paint, but it won’t take you long to cover the small area and the effects can be profound.

Kitchen Items

Nothing brightens up a kitchen like new cabinets. Again, you don’t have to spring for brand-new cabinets to create the same effect. Paint your cabinets with durable paint that will hold up in your kitchen. Cabinets may be a little trickier than some of the other projects here, but as long as you protect your valuables and surfaces with by covering them or removing the cabinet, you’ll be fine. Also, it helps to remove doors and drawers before you start painting. 

For more easy painting job ideas that make a difference, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters today.

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