Home Improvements That Are Actually Profitable

Home Improvements That Are Actually Profitable

Are you thinking of selling your house?

If the answer is yes, that’s probably a decision that took a lot of time and energy to land on – and we’re sure that the idea of throwing in months of DIY prep work without any promise of a return on your investment doesn’t sound particularly appealing. 

You might be surprised to find that revamping your home for resell doesn’t need to be an arduous process. It all starts with putting money and time towards projects that can really deliver when it comes to ROI. And no, these suggestions won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars or consume the next year of your life. 

It won’t shock you to find out that our number one suggestion is, you guessed it… 

  1. Painting

Think of a fresh coat of paint as a facelift for your house. It freshens things up, returns a bit of shine to older properties and is generally one of the first things people notice from the street. While normally we offer insights into which colors might suit our clients projects, when it comes to painting to resell it’s more about the aesthetic of “newness” than any specific shade. If you want to play it safe though, neutrals like grey and whites are generally a good bet for the average consumer and keeping your HOA happy. 

  1.   Flooring 

Investing in new flooring can really tie a property together before potential buyers do a walkthrough. Recent trends indicate that uniformity sells, which means if you have carpeting in some places and hardwood in others, it might be time to start fresh. Even if you can’t afford to upgrade to all hardwood, faux alternatives can give you the same look and feel. If you don’t want to invest in professional flooring installation, you can always clean up worn or damaged areas of hardwood with a simple water-based stain. 

  1.   Lighting 

Interesting chandeliers and ceiling fixtures can act as accessories to a home renovation. As always, just make sure everything goes with the larger design scheme – even when we’re not talking about paint, it’s important to keep colors consistent. 

To give you some concrete numbers, the general rule of thumb is that every dollar put into a home before resell yields about $1.50 in return. For example, if you’re willing to put $5,000 worth of home improvements funding into your house today, you could make at least $7,500 at closing. 

Contact us today if you have more questions about the different home improvement services we offer. We’re happy to help.

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