How to Decorate Without Completely Destroying Your Walls

How to Decorate Without Completely Destroying Your Walls

There’s more to household upkeep than just a fresh coat of paint, and our list of services reflects that. 

One of the most common minor repairs we make is to drywall – and more often than not, it’s because someone has incorrectly hung a decoration that has led to damage. Below, we’ve laid out a few things you can do to easily minimize that damage in the future. 

Magnetic Paint 

Yes, this actually exists. This is a great way to hang smaller, lighter mementos like pictures or postcards. It won’t have quite the same hold as your refrigerator might, but it does allow for a cool design alternative and adds some playfulness to your space. This is ideal for kids’ rooms, and encourages both cleanliness and creativity. 

Adhesive Hooks 

These can hold more wait than magnetic paint can, but generally only up to a few pounds. They can be quickly and easily removed, protect your walls against damage and are readily available. You can find these from 3M almost anywhere. 


If you want to do something different, a strand of yarn or a clothesline makes a great way to display art and photos and takes away the hassle of hanging a picture frame or shelf. It’s a fun way to collect memories, and you can easily switch things out when you find something new to display. 

These ideas are a great place to start, and are easy enough to check off of your to-do list in an afternoon. Try one (or all) of them out, and let us know what you think! 

And don’t worry – if you’re reading this a little too late and already have walls that could use some repair work, we’d be happy to help. Call us today at 303-512-8777 to discuss drywall repair, home painting, or any of our other service offerings. 

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