Paint Colors That Can Help You Let the Sun In

Paint Colors That Can Help You Let the Sun In

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sun room or a screened-in porch or you just want to lighten up your other living spaces, choosing the right paint colors can help you capture the warmth and energy of the summer sun. 

Your first thoughts here might be bold oranges and yellows, but in reality, neutral color schemes embrace and even enhance the beauty of the outside world. Using these kinds of colors helps to keep things light and airy, and allows natural light to effortlessly brighten the space. 

Speaking of natural light, here’s a fact you might not know – natural light has a way of playing up the undertones of a color and bringing different hues to light depending on the time of day. That means you can keep it relatively simple, and still create a space with depth. 

These colors also do a lot to make spaces feel bigger than they are. 

That’s why we love pops of color, but encourage our clients to use bright colors like yellows and reds, or loud patterns in accent walls or detailing as opposed to using these as the base of your whole aesthetic. 

A light grey, tan, or white for instance, gives off a sense of calm while also making sure that spaces feel bright and open. Especially if you’re looking to paint areas like a sun porch or a living room with lots of windows, you don’t want to distract from the beauty you’re trying to bring in – only accentuate it. These colors also work well with natural materials that help to bring the outside in like wood or stone.

Here are a few neutral options from Benjamin Moore that we like: 

  1. Simply White 
  2. Wind’s Breath
  3. Calm 

Not to mention, if you choose to go with a neutral color palette, you can still add more personality to your décor when it comes to accents and home accessories. On the other hand, neutrals look good with neutrals, and you can also double down. Either way, you’re working with a blank canvas. 

If you’re ready to let some light into your home, our experts at Ireland’s Finest Painting can give you a free estimate, and even assist you in the process of choosing the perfect color! 

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