Painting with Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of the Year: 

It’s finally the time of year when Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year has been announced and we’re dreaming up ways to use it in our clients’ homes. The chosen color for 2024, Blue Nova 825 is the perfect balance of depth, duality and soft saturation. 

How to Use Blue Nova in Your Home 

Whether it’s an accent wall that needs a fresh coat of paint or an entire room, this mashup of violet and blue encourages relaxation, reflection, and an appreciation of unexplored depths. There are slight hints of red in this largely blue hue, which brings an unusual amount of warmth to this traditionally cool color. Playing with this combination could lead to interesting color schemes and ways to incorporate the color throughout your home. If you want to play with this contrast, we recommend using Blue Nova in a smaller space so that it has more pop. 


Color Trends Palette 2024

Benjamin Moore has made new horizons, thoughts and creative possibilities their focus in 2024. Softer, nuanced, hues are the staples of their color palette this year, with 10 colors like White Dove, Topaz, Honeybee, Antique Pewter, Polar Sky and more that play well with Blue Nova and borrow inspiration from its soft but vibrant personality. 

Topaz is probably the most “out there” of the palette, with blushing Teacup Rose and a pink shade called Pristine rounding out the more traditional end of the color spectrum. 

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